A CIT is a non-surgical anti-aging treatment and can be performed on all skin areas of your body. Unlike ablative procedures, a CIT can be performed repeatedly.

Depending on your skin condition and to achieve maximum possible results, we recommend an initial treatment cycle of 3 to 4 treatments.  As the new collagen formation needs time to mature, we propose an interval of 6 weeks before the next CIT is commenced.  As your skin continues to age an annual refresher CIT should be considered. Between the CIT’s and after the last one you can support the results of the CIT by using the Derma Roller and high-end peptide serums.

The advantages of Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT):


A sterile dry needle is gently passed over the area to create channels into the deeper layer of the skin. This results in the stimulation of the body's own production of collagen. Results can take three to nine months to fully appear as the body takes time to generate new collagen.  The patient sees continual improvement. A controlled, double-blind study has shown an average of 206% of new, naturally produced elastin and collagen fibers 6-8 weeks after a Collagen Induction Therapy. In contrast to conventional treatment like laser resurfacing or peels, Collagen Induction Therapy is non-ablative and achieves results without burning or removing the superficial epidermis.

What to expect before and after the procedure:

The procedure usually requires anesthetic cream in some areas. A face is usually completed in 25 – 40 minutes. Immediately after the procedure, the skin may turn pink to red with minimal swelling. Normal cleanser, moisturizer and sunscreen can be used immediately after the procedure.

Advantages of Collagen Induction Therapy:

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